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VA - Speed Metal Hell Vol I + II
SH 0064
2 LP Compilation, Ltd.

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VA - Speed Metal Hell Vol I + II SH 0064

Germany 1987
Steamhammer, SH 0064

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gatefold cover



Speed Metal Hell Vol I
A1 Savage Grace Master Of Disguise 4:02
A2 Savage Grace Fear My Way 4:30
A3 Attila Lucifer's Hammer 4:41
A4 Shining Blade Winged Snake 3:20
A5 Battle Bratt Henchman 3:30
A6 Artillery Hey Woman 3:30
B1 Medieval World War Four 2:17
B2 Midnight Vice Vice Squad 2:26
B3 Stiletto Through The Night 3:34
B4 At War Eat Lead 4:40
B5 Executioner Victims Of Evil 2:24
B6 Whiplash Thrash 'Till Death 2:45
B7 Whiplash Chained Up Tied Down 4:05

Speed Metal Hell Vol II
C1 At War Rapechase 3:27
C2 Mayhem Loving Tribute/ Buried Alive 3:07
C3 Samhain Plague Of Messiah 4:04
C4 Anvil Bitch Neckbreaker 2:33
C5 Savage Thrust Crown Of Thorns 4:25
C6 Deathrash Buried Alive 2:36
C7 Annihilation Annihilation 3:02
C8 Vice Ready To Fire 3:40
D1 Aggression Metal Slaughter 3:57
D2 Tempter Don't Get Mad, Get Evil 3:52

Flotsam And Jetsam

Hammerhead 6:30
D4 Wargod Day Of Attonement 4:28
D5 Outrage Cracks Under The Ice 3:49
D6 Post Mortem Ready To Die 2:13
D7 Monolith Why Don't You Die 3:14




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