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Quincy Jones - The Color Purple (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)
1-25389, 2 LP Album, purple

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Quincy Jones - The Color Purple (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)  1-25389

USA 1986
Qwest Records, 1-25389
fialové vinyly/purple vinyls
vnitřní obaly s kredity/
inner sleeves with credits



Overture 7:54
A1a Miss Celie's Blues
A1b Celie Leaves With Mr.
A1c Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast
A1d Nettie Teaches Celie
A1e Sophia's Walk
A1f Makidada
A1g Champagne Train
A1h Mailbox / Proud Theme
A1i Champagne Train
A1j Proud / Mailbox Theme
A1k Mailbox

A2 Main Title 2:00
A3 Celie Leaves With Mr. 3:20
A4 Corrine And Olivia 3:04
A5 Nettie Teaches Celie 4:20
A6 The Separation 2:48
B1 Celie And Harpo Grow Up / Mr. Dresses To See Shug 2:43
B2 Careless Love 0:56
B3 Sophia Leaves Harpo 2:38
B4 Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast 1:24
B5 Junk Bucket Blues 1:47
B6 The Dirty Dozens 3:12
B7 Miss Celie's Blues 2:29
B8 Don't Make Me No Never Mind 3:05
B9 My Heart (Will Always Lead Me Back To You) 1:37
B10 Three On The Road 0:25
B11 Bus Pulls Out 0:48
C1 The First Letter 5:03
C2 Letter Search 3:06
C3 Nettie's Letter 1:00
C4 High Life / Proud Theme 1:12
C5 J.B. King 0:37
C6 Heaven Belongs To You 1:02
C7 Katutoka Corrine 1:01
C8 Celie Shaves Mr. / Scsrification Ceremony 3:11
D1 I'm Here 1:52
D2 Champagne Train 2:36
D3 Celie's New House / Body And Soul 2:35
D4 Maybe God Is Tryin' To Tell You Sometin' 4:44
D5 Reunion / Finale 4:34



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