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Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
87 541 ET
LP Album, reissue

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Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells 87 541 ET

Debutové album anglického hudebníka Mikea Oldfielda, které nahrál, když mu bylo 19 let, album bylo vydáno v roce 1973

The debut record album of English musician Mike Oldfield, recorded when he was 19, and the album was released in 1973

  • Mike Oldfield - Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, Farfisa, Hammond B3, and Lowrey organs, flageolet, fuzz guitars, glockenspiel, "honky tonk" piano, mandolin, piano, percussion, "taped motor drive amplifier organ chord", timpani, vocals, tubular bells
  • Steve Broughton - percussion
  • Lindsay L. Cooper - string bass
  • Mundy Ellis, Sally Oldfield - vocals
  • Jon Field - flutes
  • Produced by Mike Oldfield, Simon Heyworth, Tom Newman

Holland 1977 (manufactured Germany)
Virgin, 87 541 ET


A Tubular Bells (Part 1)
B Tubular Bells (Part 2)