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Mick Fleetwood - The Visitor
PL 14080
LP Album

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Mick Fleetwood - The Visitor  PL 14080

První sólové album britského hudebníka a herce Micka Fleetwooda, vydané u RCA Records v roce 1981
Všechny skladby byly nahrány Accře v Ghaně, během ledna a února roku 1981 v Ghana Film Industries, Inc. Studiu a album bylo produkováno Richardem Dashutem


The first solo album by a British musician and actor Mick Fleetwood, released on the RCA Records label in 1981
All the songs were recorded in Accra, Ghana between January and February 1981 at the Ghana Film Industries, Inc. Studio and produced by Richard Dashut


  • Mick Fleetwood - drums, percussion, gong
  • Richard Dashut - percussion
  • George Hawkins - vocals, bass guitar, piano, organ, guitar
  • Ian Bairnson, Todd Sharp - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Peter Green - lead guitar, lead vocals
  • George Harrison - slide guitar, 12-string guitar, backing vocals
  • Ebaali Gbiko - vocals, hand drums
  • Adjo Group - vocals, percussion
  • Sara Fleetwood - backing vocals
  • Lord Tiki - hand drums, percussion
  • Superbrains - vocals
  • The Ghana Folkloric Group - vocals, percussion


Germany 1981

RCA, PL 14080


rozevírací obal, vnitřní obal s kredity/
gatefold cover, inner sleeve with credits



A1 Rattlesnake Shake 3:49
A2 You Weren't In Love 3:55
A3 O' Niamali 2:47
A4 Super Brains 4:07
A5 Don't Be Sorry, Just Be Happy 4:24
B1 Walk A Thin Line 3:19
B2 Not Fade Away 2:22
B3 Cassiopeia Surrender 4:34
B4 The Visitor 4:05
B5 Amelle (Come On Show Me Your Heart) 4:35

















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