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Lee Michaels - Barrel
80 823 IT
LP Album

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Lee Michaels - Barrel  80 823 IT

Čtvrté album amerického rockového hudebníka Lee Michaelse, vydané v roce 1970


The fourth album by an American rock musician Lee Michaels, released in 1970


  • Drums - Barry "Frosty" Smith
  • Guitar - Drake Levin
  • Other - Lee Michaels
  • Producer - Larry Marks


Germany 1970

A&M Records, 80 823 IT


rozevírací obal/

gatefold cover



A1 Mad Dog
A2 What Now America
A3 Uummmm My Lady
A4 Thumbs
A5 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
B1 Murder In My Heart (For The Judge)
B2 Day Of Change
B3 Think I'll Cry
B4 Games
B5 Didn't Know What I Had
B6 As Long As I Can