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Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show ‎- Revisited
C 34147
LP Compilation

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Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show ‎- Revisited-C 34147-www.blackvinylbazar.cz-vinyl-LP-CD-gramofon

USA 1976
Columbia, C 34147




A1 Sylvia's Mother 3:55
A2 Acapulco Goldie 2:20
A3 Freakin' At The Freakers Ball 2:47
A4 Makin' It Natural 2:50
A5 Penicillin Penny 2:50
B1 Cover Of The Rolling Stone 2:52
B2 Get My Rocks Off 3:06
B3 Carry Me, Carrie 4:17
B4 Queen Of The Silver Dollar 4:42
B5 Roland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie 3:02