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Devon Russell - This Cloak And Dagger
LP Album

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Devon Russell - This Cloak And Dagger WEULP 01

Třetí album jamajského rocksteady a reggae zpěváka a producenta, který nahrával v období mezi šedesátými a devadesátými léty, ať už jako sólový umělec, nebo člen skupin The Tartans a Cultural Roots


The third album by a Jamaican rocksteady and reggae singer and record producer who recorded between the 1960s and the 1990s, both as a solo artist and as a member of The Tartans and Cultural Roots


  • Bass - Christopher Meridith, Danny, Dennis Of The Firehouse Crew, Lebert Gibby Morris
  • Drums - Benbow, Horsemouth Wallace, George, Sly Dunbar
  • Guitar - Earl China Smith, Fazel Prendegass, Lebert Gibby Morris
  • Horns [Horns/Brass] - David Madden, Dean Frazer, Chico, Nambo Robinson
  • Keyboards - Earl Lindo, Bubbler, Keith Sterling, Paul, Steelie, Tarzan, Webester
  • Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Producer, Arranged By - Devon Russell
  • Percussion - Family Man Barrett, Earl China Smith, Harry T. Powell


UK & USA 1988
World Enterprise Records, WEULP 01




A1 This Cloak And Dagger 5:29
A2 Young Wings Can Fly 5:52
A3 Move On Up 3:58
A4 Darker Than Blue 4:32
A5 Love Is So Good 3:45
B1 Cartoon Star 7:16
B2 Fass Mouth 3:51
B3 Song For You 5:18
B4 Come On Over 3:30
B5 I Want Justice 4:14














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