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Black Crucifixion ‎- Promethean Gift
LP Album

prodáno / already sold

Black Crucifixion ‎- Promethean Gift SSR006

Album finské black metalové skupiny, vydané v roce 2007


The 2007 album by a Finnish black metal band


  • Backing Vocals - Viljami Jauhiainen
  • Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals - Esa Henrik
  • Drums - Sodomatic Slaughter
  • Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals - Blacksoul
  • Vocals - Forn (Timo Iivari)
  • Producer - Forn, Sodomatic Slaughter


Holland 2007

Soulseller Records, SSR006

rozevírací obal/
gatefold cover



A1 Promethean Gift
A2 Serpent Of Your Holy Garden
A3 Journey Into Myself
A4 Flawing Downwards

Previously Unreleased Bonus Material
B1 Suomi Finland Saatana (Studio Track 1996)
B2 Black Crucifixion (Demo 1991)
B3 Death Water (Demo 1993)
B4 Flawing Downwards (Live 1993)