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Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet
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LP Album

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Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet  466281 1

Třetí studiové album americké hip hopové skupiny Public Enemy, vydané 10. dubna 1990


The third studio album by American hip hop group Public Enemy released on April 10, 1990


  • Performer [Blackman], Vocals [Lyrical Terrorist] - Chuck D
  • Performer [Czar Of Education] - James Bomb
  • Performer [Enforcer 19, High Chief Of Affairs] - Brother Mike
  • Performer [Minister Of Information] - Brother James I
  • Performer [Supreme Master Of Defense] - Agent Attitude
  • Performer [The Assault Technician] - Terminator X
  • Performer [The Joker] - Flavor Flav
  • Performer [The Last Asiatic Disciple] - Professor Griff
  • Programmed By - Eric (Vietnam) Sadler, Keith Shocklee
  • Programmed By [Additional] - Paul Shabazz
  • Scratches - Norman (Terminator X) Rogers, Wizard K-Jee


EU 1990 (manufactured Holland)

Def Jam Recordings, CBS, 466281 1


vnitřní obal s texty a kredity, příloha/

inner sleeve with lyrics and credits, insert



A1 Contract On The World Love Jam (Instrumental) 1:44
A2 Brothers Gonna Work It Out 5:05
A3 911 Is A Joke 3:17
A4 Incident At 66.6 FM (Instrumental) 1:37
A5 Welcome To The Terrordome 5:24
A6 Meet The G That Killed Me 0:44
A7 Pollywanacraka 3:52
A8 Anti-Nigger Machine 3:17
A9 Burn Hollywood Burn 2:46
A10 Power To The People 4:49

B1 Who Stole The Soul? 3:52
B2 Fear Of A Black Planet 3:40
B3 Revolutionary Generation 5:43
B4 Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man 2:45
B5 Reggie Jax 1:35
B6 Leave This Off Your Fu*kin Charts (Instrumental) 2:32
B7 B Side Wins Again 3:39
B8 War At 33 1/3 2:13
B9 Final Count Of The Collision Betwen Us And The Damned (Instrumental) 0:48
B10 Fight The Power 4:42










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